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Podcast promotion tips (Laravel Podcast case study) Episode 5

Podcast promotion tips (Laravel Podcast case study)

· 31:49

In this episode, Justin Jackson (Transistor) and Matt Stauffer (The Laravel Podcast with Taylor Otwell) discuss strategies for podcast growth. Justin shared a variety of marketing tactics to help Matt grow his podcast audience.

I. Setting the Stage: Introducing Matt Stauffer and the Laravel Podcast
In the first part of our conversation, we introduced Matt Stauffer, co-owner of Titan and host of the Laravel Podcast. Matt shared his background and the success of the Laravel Podcast, which has gained a dedicated following over the years. We explored the potential for growth with the Laravel community and the opportunities to leverage their existing social followings.

II. The Power of High-Profile Guests and Engaging Episode Titles
One key takeaway from our discussion was the impact of high-profile guests on podcast growth. Matt and Justin discussed the episode featuring Taylor Otwell, the creator of Laravel, which became their most popular episode. Justin stressed the importance of including the name of influential guests in the episode titles.

III. Optimizing Podcast Packaging and Metadata
Next, we delved into the significance of podcast packaging and metadata in increasing discoverability. Justin explained the benefits of including faces in episode artwork, as faces tend to convert better and improve search engine optimization (SEO). We discussed the concept of "people tags" in podcast RSS feeds, which allow for better organization and searchability of episodes featuring specific individuals.

IV. Leveraging Social Media and Crowdsourcing
To expand your podcast's reach, social media can be a powerful tool. Matt and Justin explored various social media platforms, such as Instagram Reels, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts, and how creating short video snippets and compelling trailers can attract new listeners. They also discussed the value of harnessing your existing community and encouraging them to share your podcast with their network, creating a word-of-mouth effect.

V. Recognizing Your Community and Fostering Relationships
Matt shared his desire to maintain the authenticity of the podcast and avoid turning it into a sales pitch. Justin emphasized the importance of recognizing and appreciating your community, whether through personal shoutouts at the end of episodes or involving listeners in creating video clips and promos. By nurturing these relationships, podcasters can build goodwill and encourage further engagement.

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